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bio breakdown

Name:Kristen Poole 

Location:Central Pennsylvania

Trade:Photography, Design, Writing

Education: 2006, Pennsylvania State University


Emphasis:Photography, Design, Writing

Honors:Graduated with Highest Distinction, 4.0GPA 

a little more

I photograph life. Period. Nature, people, weddings, events and just about everything in between.  I create clean and thought-through designs from logos and identity to brochures and clothing.  My professional writing began in high school with journalistic writing for the York Daily Record and York Dispatch Newspapers in York, PA. I have been published over 100 times in newspapers and also have experience in advertising, collateral and Web copywriting.  See something that interests you? Need more information or examples of work?


i need a challenge. i work better under pressure and need constructive criticism to advance. i want to learn. i need more than one project at a time because i'd rather be busy than bored. i want to expand my knowledge and skills. i don't want to succeed, i want to exceed. i am passionate about my work because its not about getting the job done it's about surpassing mediocrity and creating superiority. if it's 'good enough' it's simply not good enough. i'm proud of my work and will not let it go if it's less than my best. i want to be involved. i want a job as diverse as me. i live to go beyond my own expectations. i want to be the best. i get it. and i'm more than ready.


I am a creative designer. debater. talker. writer. freelancer. lifer. photographer. doer. communicator. perfectionist. multitasker. wanderer. enthusiast. try-anything-oncer. traveler. connoisseur. rider. listener. driver. extrovert. news junky. nature-lover. dog mom. dreamer. organizer. loving-fighter. devil's advocate. adapter. overachiever. activist. collector. artist. scholar. go-getter. racer. intellectual. anticipator. empathizer. thinker. reader. teacher. believer. musician. problem-solver. workaholic. quick-learner. realist. go-er. researcher. decision-maker. expressionist. do-it-yourselfer. homeowner. gardener. give-it-a-goer. quick-witted. hard-working. go-to kind of woman.
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